Education is changing towards a network system where teachers must be able to improve learning methods in order to update people's needs. Information is now published to allow everyone to get it whenever and wherever they want it.

This Site is an experimental platform which uses learning management systems technology to exchange information among teachers, students' parents and students. To get access you only need to CREATE an ACCOUNT. It's FREE.

In this Site you can also ENROLL in FREE eLearning Courses about Visual Arts. I hope you enjoy this learning experience!

Should you want to learn how to select a system to train students in your own school, then we will recommend the following steps:

  1. How to Implement an LMS, Part 1: Laying the Groundwork
  2. How to Implement an LMS, Part 2: The Analysis Phase
  3. How to Implement an LMS, Part 3: Analysis Questions to Ask
  4. How to Implement an LMS, Part 4: The Vendor Search, 
  5. How To Implement an LMSPart 5: Contract Review, 
  6. How to Implement an LMSPart 6: Roll-out Planning and Configuration
  7. How to Implement an LMS, Part 7: Final Steps